Fan does not stop after resume from suspend

Hello, I have a HP 6530s, I installed 11.1, but the fan does not seem to stop after resume from suspend, is there anyway to solve the problem? Thanks.

It happens in both KDE 4.1 and Gnome version.

After resuming check the running applications by tipping


in console. Maybe you have some service with very high CPU load.

Hi, I haven’t tried that yet as I am now using Ubuntu, but I found a guy having the same problem, and he seems to solve it by disabling “fan while AC is on” in BIOS, but I strongly believe it will cause some heating problem.

anholt: Linux on the HP 2530p

That isn’t a very good idea. …and maybe this whole problem doesn’t appear in openSUSE. Next time post your Ubuntu related questions here: Ubuntu Forums.
Good luck.

i have exactly the same issue on hp 6830s laptop. when going out of s2ram mode cpu fan sometimes goes mad and starts to blow at full strength. “fan while AC is on” is set to off in bios.
the workaround is to plug a/c power back (you can unplug it when fan calms down) or perform another s2ram/power on cycle.

The problem is in Opensuse, I’ve mentioned I installed 11.1, then that’s the reason I switched to Ubuntu