fan control

I built a new PC, dual boot with Win 10, and have a bunch of fans which I’d like to control but not sure how to best go about it.
-motherboard is Gigabyte with reasonably complex bios software, but don’t know if Leap can talk directly to the motherboard to control it. Some of the fans are wired to an input on the motherboard.
-Graphics card is GM200 [GeForce GTX 980 Ti] with watercooling fans plugged in to motherboard, if I remember right.
-CPU is Intel i7-5820k with a watercooled corsair fan controller plugged in to it.
-Some of the fans which came with the enclosure are wired to manual (+ / -) buttons on the outside of the case, but they don’t seem to work.

The fans, all of them, run on a constant and non-quiet speed, and I’d love to get some control of them to quiet the box down. Any advice on how to maybe consolidate all of them down to something controllable from the OS would be great. Thank you.

You’re going to want to use lm_sensors to find and control your fans. Here is a good howto to get everything working. This will tell you how to change the fan voltages to make them quieter, etc.

There is also pwmconfig (See the man page) if the motherboard supports it. Does you Nvidia card support the Coolbits option, I use this on my 8800GTS to control fan speed, the motherboard (HP) also supports pwmconfig as well…