Fan control on Opensuse 13.2


as requested in the German forum I’ll do the same here. With Opensuse 12.2 I used the Thinkfan program to control the fan of my Lenovo T420 notebook. With 13.2 Thinkfan does not work, because the fan control seems to be changed completely. How is the fan controled in 13.2?
Cheers, Knut

I know little about Thinkfan, but it might be helpful to share a little bit more info about how it is configured. I assume ‘thinkfan’ module is loaded with correct options? Check /etc/modprobe.d/thinkpad_acpi.conf for the necessary options. Also, openSUSE 13.2 is using systemd, so perhaps the required systemd service (thinkfan.service?) is not started at boot?

Thanks for poining. You were right, I missed the modprobe. After “modprobing” it works as usual.
Cheers, Knut

Great! Thanks for the update. :slight_smile: