Fan control and silence

I have a desktop machine that is way to loud. Does anyone know of a good guide for fan control or HD control in opensuse? Everything seems to be running full throttle all the time.


Is there a Cool-n-quiet feature in the BIOS?

If there is I can’t find it. I looked all through the BIOS for any sort of fan control option and came up empty. Its a rather old machine. Its got a P4 and rambus in it.

cpu frequ to dynamic

but if you can’t change settings in bios, I’m not sure it will work. Cool’n’Quiet is a AMD cpu feature. Not sure about pentium.

if the BIOS doesn’t have hardware monitors it then its unlikely to work, but you can try installing the sensors package and running /usr/sbin/sensors-detect and then pwmconfig.

Niether kpowersave nor the sensors package worked. The motherboard just isn’t capable I guess. I am just going to lower the voltage on the case fans. The machine’s not doing enough to ever really heat up.