false repoindex.xml call blocks zypper

Which repository to remove, how to prevent recurrence?

One of the 35 repositories on my openSUSE 12.3 system points to the git kernel tree and tries to access a nonexistent repoindex.xml, resulting in an error which prevents zypper from proceeding. I can get past it with yast2 but it is a bother.

The system is trying to read
Linuxtv.org - Git Repository - media_tree.git/shortlog
and returns an error:

    Unexpected exception.
    Parse error: repoindex.xml[76] Entity 'sdot' not defined
     - repoindex.xml[76] Entity 'sdot' not defined

Indeed, line 76 of the page source contains references to sdot. But I contacted the webmaster for the site, who says the URL is pointing to a kernel source tree, not a repository, so he is not going to change that file, I need to stop trying to use it as a repository index.

I’ve checked all the .repo files on my system, none contain this URL, so it must be an erroneous redirect in one (or more) of the 35 repositories that I do have. Hope it’s just one, checking all possible combinations will take a very long time… :frowning:

I have filed a bug:
Bug 847297 Submitted

Thanks in advance, Andy

Hm, I didn’t even know that zypper could handle git repos…

Well, shouldn’t you be able to find out yourself which repo it is (in YaST->Software Repositories f.e.), when you know the URL? :wink:

But ok, post the output of “zypper lr -d” and I will give you a zypper command line to disable it.

Problem solved, close this issue:

I figured it out from using zypper to refresh the services:
**# zypper refs
Refreshing service ‘service’.
Unexpected exception.

The problem was not with a repository, rather with the service ‘service’. I removed it and the error disappeared:
**# zypper rs service
Removing service ‘service’:
Service ‘service’ has been removed.

Now we’ll wait and see how badly we need the service ‘service’ - not too badly I hope…

Cheers, Andy

For help with Zypper, please look at my bash script you can find here: Zypper Command - Zypper Package Management Menu System - Version 2.00 - Blogs - openSUSE Forums

Thank You,

You have 35 repositories?!? You’re setting yourself up for a conflict, if you aren’t careful. How did you get this many, one-click installs?

zypper doesn’t handle git repositories. You’ll have to install the git package for this purpose.