Fallout and WINE

Hi guys,

I’ve recently repurchased Fallout and Fallout 2 via GOG.com. I do remember being able to play it without issues in the past on using WINE but this time I am getting “Error initializing video mode 640x480” on both games. Any ideas? Anyone come across this and managed to fix it?

Try with playonlinux? It helps to manage multiple wine versions for different games. The guide is for a different distribution and probably things have change in playonlinux as well but I think it should give you some ideas on how to proceed:

Many thanks!

You’re welcome. Did you make it work? :slight_smile:

That’s what I need! Thanks! lol!

Thank you!!!

Yes, PlayonLynux is the easiest solution. I had a similar problem while playing Fallout 2 and i solved it in the same way. I like playing Fallout 2.

Hahah I can’t get enough of Fallout 2… still going strong.