Fallen at 1st herdal

Lo im new to linux i have just decided to install suse 11 to try it out and i have got to the installaion overview part and it is has not detected my hard drive there is nothing there im usuing a baracuda 160gig it does have windows vista ultimate alredy installed.

Try acpi disabled from the boot options when you first boot the dvd. I have never had a HD not recognized yet.

Hi thanks for your respnse i tried what u said and im afraid it didnt work (i disabled the acpi by prssing F5 and selecting no acpi) :S :smiley:

Hi i found out what the problem was i had no jumper on my HD i took 1 of my brothers HD :wink: and selected master on my HD and now every thing works fine :smiley: :smiley: