failure to shutdown

A couple zypper dups back my computer started freezing on shutdown.

It gets to the normal fullscreen terminal that you see directly before shutdown,
but then just stops there.
One time it showed the infinity symbol with the three dots below it indicating progress.
After a long time the progress indicator froze.

I just did a zypper dup, and was able to ‘shutdown -r now’;
However, once back in lxqt I tried to shutdown via the menu,
and it froze again at the terminal.

Tumbleweed 20160920

If I log out and then use the shutdown button there,
then it will shutdown.

I switched to openBox and it shutdown normally.
I switched back to kwin and on shutdown the infinity symbol appeared,
but this time it completed whatever it was doing after about a minute
and shutdown.

I’m using LXQt 0.10.0