Failure to install LEAP 15.1

I’m attempting to install LEAP 15.1 onto a Lenovo laptop. There is a 42.1 version of OpenSuSE on there - so I have installed it there before. The old Suse version had a nasty crash (a while back), so, since I’m going to need the laptop again, I decided to upgrade. My desktop is running LEAP 15.0.

I downloaded 15.1 to my desktop (both machines are x86_64) then burned a DVD with K3b. All very smooth. I’ve previously amended the BIOS on the laptop to read the USB port first when I installed the earlier version of Suse so I thought this installation would be straightforward. The laptop itself is working, since I can run Windows on it (dual-boot fashion).

When I start the laptop the light on my external DVD reader comes on and I can hear the DVD whirring away, but the laptop then starts up its own grub menu. It seems to be reading the disks in the right order - USB port then hard drive - but not recognising that it should boot from the DVD.

Frustratingly I also don’t seem to be able to get into the BIOS to check that the boot order is correctly set up there. (It should just appear when I hit Enter while the splash screen is up, bot it doesn’t.) However, if the DVD drive is plugged in it takes longer for the grub screen to appear, confirming that it’s trying to do something with the DVD drive.

The only thing I can think of is that there is a problem with the boot disk. I’ve burned it twice (different downloads) but no change in what happens.

Anyone got any advice on how to proceed?

Did you burn the DVD image as ISO or just copy the file to the DVD.

i ran K3b using “auto detect” as the option. I was wondering if I should do something to tell anything that read it that it was an ISO disk.

Because of the failurevof the DVD burned using the auto detect option, I burned a new one explicitly saying it was an ISO. I got the same results.

I suspect the problem is with the laptop, since the old 15.0 DVD, which I used to install Suse on my desktop, doesn’t work either.