Fails to Save File

Have just installed 11.4 Linux I find that saving data does not enter the folder. Attempting to file once more, the folder selected shows that data is already there and gives the option to overwrite. Closing the folder and reopening again, data has still not transferred. Only after rebooting does the data appear. I am wondering whether I have insufficient RAM (512K). Could this be the problem? :’(

i don’t think it is a low RAM caused problem…

i think there have been reports in 11.4 where Dolphin (and maybe the
gnome ‘file manager’ also) is not immediately showing new files…i
believe there is a bug on that, you can search for it here:

however, you don’t mention where you are seeing this symptom (could be
dolphin, midnight commander, or whatever LXDE or XFCE uses) so i don’t
actually know what you are seeing, where…

via NNTP openSUSE 11.4 [] + KDE 4.6.0 + Thunderbird 3.1.10
Acer Aspire One D255, 1.66 GHz Atom, 1 GB RAM, Intel Pineview graphics

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