Failed upgrade

From 15.2 to 15.3, the DVD installer reports…

Cannot upgrade the bootloader because of a mismatch of the boot technology. The upgraded system uses Legacy BIOS boot while the installation medium has been booted using EFI boot.
This scenario is not supported, the upgraded system may not boot or the upgrade process can fail later.

Any suggestions will be appreciated.

Did you consider doing a “normal” system upgrade]( instead of the DVD method?

No I didn’t. But I have solved the problem. The BIOS on this motherboard is incredibly complicated and the option to use legacy boot or UEFI had been set to both, and hidden with the Windows settings. Once I set it to legacy only, the error disappeared.

I am in Mexico, connected wirelessly with the ONE phone company available, and via cable with the ONE cable company available. Both have a tendency to go off line for extended periods sometimes simultaneously. I find it safer to download to my HD, then burn a DVD. Less disruption if the download fails.

Can’t you boot the install media in legacy mode??? Thant should set up the install to use legacy not EFI

Yes I did manage to start the DVD, but ran into strange problems reported in my post Not understood error message

which I could not solve and I have re-installed.

FYI zypper has a –download-only flag that I use to first download all patches and updates to my local disk.

zypper update –download-only