Failed upgrade unbootable

I used yast to upgrade from 10.1 to 10.2. After waiting for 2GB of packages to download and install I can no longer boot my machine. Even the 10.1 safe kernel does not boot.

Unfortunately I did not copy any /etc files before starting this adventure.

I am downloading the 11.0 iso. It looks like I can use custom partitioning to prevent partitioning and formatting of the drives so I don’t lose data in /home at least. I am worried that I won’t even know what partition is what because I didn’t have an opportunity to write them down before my machine became unbootable.

Any suggestions on how to preserve as much of my previous settings when doing the upgrade?


You’ll be able to browse your partitions from the live CD and write down their respective sizes as well as the location of your /home. As for preserving your /etc and other stuff … I’ve found it regularly brings me far more hassle than benefits.