FAILED TO START X SERVER,,Installing From Gnome Live Cd.

hi,i have xp installed,I’ve downloaded the gnome live cd,when i boot from cd to intall openSUSE Gnome,everything’s fine until --Creating Xconfig
Then i get the following message " FAILED TO START X SERVER "(your graphical interface).Its likely that it is not set up correctly.Would you like to view X server Output to diagnose problem?

On clicking yes

This is a pre-release version of X-server.It is not supported in any way. x server
release date 5 september 2007
x protocol version 11,revision 0
build os openSUSE SUSE linux
current os linux linux #1 smp 2008-0
build date 07 june 08 12.37.27 am

I know this thread is kinda stretched,but i really need to install opensuse please help me out.

Did you do an "MD5SUMS check on the iso before you burnt it?

I need to know more info:
did you get past 1st reboot?
Did you get to the part about names & passwords?
If so, type “3” at the bootsplash, yeah, boot the install
that should boot you to the command line at runlevel 3
login as “root”
type: “sax2 -m 0=vesa”
sax2 should start and you can setup the display using the vesa driver
when you are done, save

Now search the forum for video cards like yours & go about setting up the driver for it.

If you didn’t get past 1st reboot, then I would reburn the iso at 8x and try the install again.

Good luck.