"Failed to mount "2.0 GB Volume" as well as a restart/shutdown issue.

I just recently started having this issue on Tumbleweed/xfce. When I plug a usb flash drive in, it shows it on the desktop and in the file manager, “Thunar”, but when I try to mount/open it, I get this error. It worked just fine yesterday. I made no changes to the system from when it last worked other than maybe a regular update. I can still manually mount the flash drive through the terminal but I can’t figure out why it won’t auto-mount through the GUI.

Around the same time, I also started having the issue of when I click restart or shutdown, all it does is go back to the login screen. Don’t know if that is connected to the other problem but it did start happening at the same time. I can still shutdown from the terminal just fine.

check this first, just to make sure it isn’t related with the latest snapshot problem: