Failed to launch Amarok.

I just got openSUSE 11 and I really like it except for one thing. When I try to launch Amarok I get this error message: There was an error launching the application. Details: Failed to execute child process “amarok” (No such file or directory) I have no idea what is wrong.

Are you using KDE 3 or 4?

Have you installed any package updates? What version of Amarok do you have?

Did you install the codecs and Amarok package from Packman?

I am not even using KDE, I am using GNOME. and I dont know if I installed the codecs package. I usually use KDE 3 but I have no idea how to get it (I used to use Mandriva).

I got an error when I tried to launch XMMS also, I never had problems like this with Mandriva.

In your Start Menu there should be an option to install software.

You should now have a drop down box. Select patterns. Then select KDE 3. That will install KDE 3.

When you log out, there is an option for sessions, and you can pick between KDE 3, Gnome, or whatever else you install.

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There is a one-click installer there for codecs. Without it, you can’t play MP3’s in Amarok. Most people need the codec pack.

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