Failed install due to unreadable prompts in popup windows

I don’t have the inxi since the used laptop is not running linux but:

 lenovo 81x2 ideapad 14ARE05
 cpu: amd ryzen 7 4700u
 gpu: amd renoir (built-in the cpu)

The problem is: as I go through the install, the pop-up windows are transparent. So I can’t read what the pop up window says since it on the writing of the base window.

I want to change the layout the partitioning to reduce the size of the root partition and increase the size of the home partition.

I tried, but I can’t read what belongs to what.

I guess there must be some problem with the amdgpu driver, how do I get the simplest driver at boot?


Add nomodeset to the boot kernel options via the ‘e’ key at boot.

Thanks, I’ll try it tonight.

That didn’t work, it was identical but when I aborted the install, it dropped into the text mode installation.


I had the same problem with an AMD Ryzen 7 5825 cpu with built in graphics. I may have gone through different pop ups than you, but I did figure out how to reply and get a successful installation. Maybe you can find a recent enough installation guide on the web that you can use the pop ups in the guide to get through the install.


You should be able to install by starting and continuing in text mode. Append ** textmode=1** to the end of the linu line as you did with nomodeset.