failed compiling with kernel includes

Hello,The following build cannot pick up the kernel include (all paths verified, existing): a nutshell:

  • OBS fails with error:
vivante_gal/vivante_priv.h:59: error: unknown type name: 'gceTILING'


  • vivante_priv.h has #include “gc_hal_enum.h” which defines gceTILING and is under CFLAGS -I/usr/src/kernels/3.5.3-4.1-cubox/arch/arm/mach-dove/gc600_driver_dove/galcore_ko_src/hal/inc/
  • which is provided by BuildRequires: kernel-adaptation-cubox-devel in the .spec


I do this all from a reference project, where everything succeeded… (other driver uses different includes)

So everything should just work…

In hope of your help,


It seems that problem is solved by swapping include order of kernel and local headers.