Fail when import ISO with k3b/KDE3, any other ways?


Gonna test W7RC @ Sun VirtualBox on my Suse 11.1 installation, and when I use the k3b/KDE3, the ISO file that it makes is bugged, it get saved as a file called ISO, with a unknown filetype.

Anyways, anyone know of any other ways to import a ISO file from a CD/DVD?


From what it looks like, you’re not naming it. So it will be called ISO. Rename it to, for example, w7rc.iso and you should be fine.

You want it from the good old command line? Here you go:
Insert CD/DVD in drive
Open a terminal window and do:
mkdir Win7iso
cd Win7iso
dd if=/dev/sr0 of=Windows7.iso

That woud create the Windows7.iso file in the folder /home/YOURUSERNAME/Win7iso

BTW, an iso is a special file. It’s not a file on CD, it’s an image of the entire CD, so it contains all files on the CD.

Thanks, worked perfectly!

And you can burn a iso file to a DVD the following command?

dd of=/dev/sr0 if=Windows7.iso