Fail to find development files

Hello! :slight_smile:
I am trying to build a program that requires lots of dependencies. I have managed to satisfy most of them and build the 64-bit version. Now I build it for x86 and face the following problems:

configure: libsane 32-bit development files not found, scanners won't be supported.
configure: gstreamer-1.0 base plugins 32-bit development files not found, gstreamer support disabled
configure: libudev 32-bit development files not found, plug and play won't be supported.
configure: libcups 32-bit development files not found, CUPS won't be supported.

Looking at the log, I found this:

checking sane/sane.h usability... yes
checking sane/sane.h presence... yes
checking for sane/sane.h... yes
checking for -lsane... not found
checking for gst_pad_new in -lgstreamer-1.0... no
checking libudev.h usability... yes
checking libudev.h presence... yes
checking for libudev.h... yes
checking for udev_new in -ludev... no
checking cups/cups.h usability... yes
checking cups/cups.h presence... yes
checking for cups/cups.h... yes
checking for -lcups... not found

Packages I would suspect missing (sane-backends, sane-backends-32bit, sane-backends-devel, gstreamer-devel, libudev-devel, cups-libs, cups-libs-32bit) are installed.
How can I solve the issue?

Maybe you could start telling on what system you try to build.

Oh, sorry :slight_smile: That’s openSUSE Leap 42.2.

As Leap 42.2 is only released for 64-bit, I doubt it is easy to find 32-bit libraries for it.
Tumbleweed is offered for 64-bit and 32-bit. Thus you could maybe use TW for this.

But maybe others can suggest other solutions.

You need devel-32bit versions of these libraries; but whether they are provided, is really at discretion of respective package maintainers. For these packages no 32 bit development files are packaged. You can try to open bug report and request them, but even if they will be added, that’s likely happens in next release only.

The solution for me was to manually create symlinks to required libraries:

cd /usr/lib
sudo ln -s
sudo ln -s
sudo ln -s
sudo ln -s
sudo ln -s

More info here:

Thanks to everyone for help :slight_smile: