Fail to boot no dependencies after update

I use OpenSuse leap 42.1 64 bit. with XFCE4 desktop and ext4 file system. After last upgrade this morning I booted machine but it stopped and prompted to give root password complaining that there is no dependecy for local file system and postfix. Please advise hwo to solve that problem.

I discovered that the emergency prompt appeared due to the fact that Leap 42.1 during the boot process detected that there are issues on NTFS partition on my dual boot machine *there was in /etc/fstab option to boot ntfs partition).
When I checked partition with CHKDSK :C /F and disabled fast startup in win everything worked properly. I am still confused why I was reported that issue is with dependencies for local fyle system and postfix. Maybe someone can check that


Well, every mount in fstab is considered a required dependency of the “local filesystems” service. If an entry in fstab cannot be mounted, the boot drops into emergency mode.
To prevent that, add the mount option “nofail” to tell systemd that this entry is not important and the boot should continue when it cannot be mounted.

This is actually not even new with systemd, sysvinit behaved the same before.

See also “man mount”.

The postfix.service has the following line:


That means it can only be started if has been reached, i.e. all “local filesystems” have been mounted successfully.

Fast boot does not close down the file system and leaves it dirty and unmountable. It is a cheat in that it does a semi-hibernate to be “fast”