FAIL: 11.3 software RAID 1 install/boot

I bought the 11.3 DVD and am trying (and failing) to install as a bootable software RAID 1 setup.

I created 3 fd partitions on /dev/sda and on /dev/sdb. Created a RAID 1 out of those formatted as /dev/md0=swap, /dev/md1=ext4 (/), /dev/md2=ext4 (/home). Installer automatically set it to boot from MBR.

I let the installation proceed, which it appeared was going fine.

I came back to the machine later and it’s now sitting in GRUB complaining about unrecognized device id. The root parameter is the hex hard drive id for /dev/sda. I tried setting it to /dev/md1 with the same result.

I don’t know how to proceeed at this point, most of the information I’ve found online is for Ubuntu and doesn’t appear to translate well to openSUSE. The box will not boot, except off the DVD.