Factory vs. Tumbleweed source repos

Hello all,

I am genuinely confused by the use of the word “factory” in opensuse land. In some contexts, it appears to be synonymous with “Tumbleweed”. Sometimes, it seems to mean something else. More specifically, I went to download some source RPMS for hacking fodder and noticed that factory:


contains gnome-shell-42.3.1 and nautilus 42.2, while tumbleweed


has gnome-shell 42.4. and nautilus 42.2-1.1.

Could someone please explain why they differ and how each is used?



There is only one Factory - it is [noparse]openSUSE:Factory[/noparse]. Everything else are separate projects which are not directly related to Factory or Tumbleweed so there is no reason to expect the same versions. But in this particular case while sources for gnome-shell in [noparse]GNOME:Factory[/noparse] project were updated to 42.4, package was not rebuilt due to some dependency issues. So download server retains outdated binary packages.

And release field in full package version is computed for each repository independently and cannot be compared between packages from different repositories.

Hello and thanks for the reply!

Do I understand correctly that “Tumbleweed” and “Factory” are synonymous? I did just notice that https://download.opensuse.org/factory/ redirects me to https://download.opensuse.org/tumbleweed/.



Hello and thank-you for the link. That was exactly the clarification I was hoping to find.

Be well!