Factory or Community

I want to install minitube.

I went to software.opensuse.org/search.

I want V1. I don’t think the “-2” or “-3” (see below) makes any difference. Is Factory more “official” than Community?

  1. openSUSE:Factory:Contrib/openSUSE_11.2

  2. KDE:KDE4:Community/openSUSE_11.2

(Another one?? :\ Which contains “community” & “factory” - KDE:KDE4:Community/openSUSE_11.2_KDE4_Factory_Desktop)

Thank you.

PS: I noticed on the search page that two options were added. Just wanted to say “Thank you”!. :slight_smile: Maybe next, reg exp support in the text box.

It depends on which repositories you are using.

Just a hint: “Factory” is not the opposite of “Community”. As you found out already, there is a “Community”-repo for the “Factory”-KDE4.

Factory is usually more experimental.

the 2 and the 3 makes lots of difference these indicate different versions.

You may want to consider where you and how you installed KDE 4.x from.

Not necessarily as the .3 version may just be linked to the .2
version, OBS will up the version by 1.

Unless you either download the src rpm, or check on the OBS, you don’t
need to login to see the structure now;
is a link to openSUSE:Factory:Contrib

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