[Factory] LXDE Power button issues


I installed LXDE from the factory iso (01/09/14) on an Acer C710 (Seabios).

I think its a problem (bug maybe?) with OpenSUSE, as I don’t have this with any other distro.

It seems that the power manager can handle the suspend/poweroff when I assign one of these options to the powerbutton, but when I
choose the “Ask” option, nothing is happening. It supposed to display the lxsession-logout when I set the option “Ask”.

Thank you in advance for any ideas…

just to update

I can see that the xfce4-power-manager can read the state of the power-button, but does nothing …

TRACE[xfpm-button.c:118] xfpm_button_filter_x_events(): Key press: ((XfpmButtonKey) BUTTON_POWER_OFF)
TRACE[xfpm-manager.c:281] xfpm_manager_button_pressed_cb(): Received button press event: ((XfpmButtonKey) BUTTON_POWER_OFF)
TRACE[xfpm-manager.c:312] xfpm_manager_button_pressed_cb(): Shutdown request : : ((XfpmShutdownRequest) XFPM_ASK)

On 2014-09-07 18:06, xotto wrote:
> Hi,
> I installed LXDE from the factory iso (01/09/14) on an Acer C710
> (Seabios).

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My mistake guys, apologies that I did not start this thread on the correct area.

BTW, I just noticed today that the power button worked as supposed, but this happens only after I leave the laptop powered off for a long time.
So, if I do a restart/shutdown and boot again, I have the same problem, just to repeat again that I am 100% sure its a problem with the openSUSE,
as I just quick-installed another distro on an alternative HDD and no issues from the lxde. Could be a bug with the upowerd?

I think its a bug with the LXDE, as I installed the xfce and the powerbutton works like I want.