factory installation yast inst_do_resize errors

While trying to test an unrelated installation problem relating to
re-sizing pre-existing ntfs filesystems, I decided to give the
latest factory install a go (in a qemu virtual machine).

I found YaST is unable to resize because inst_do_resize can’t be launched
(the client module seems to be missing at this moment).

If you’re not doing a re-size, it appears you can just ignore this error
and the process will progress to package installation.

I filed bugzilla 471295

In case people are interested, I’m a bit new to qemu-kvm but here is how
I duplicate such issues in a quick virtual machine (this example is
opensuse11.1 but it works for factory too). In this example, I further
show how I created an NTFS filesystem to present to yast for re-sizing
but that was somewhat specific to this situation and most folks wouldn’t
need that. Perhaps other people have better recipes for this sort of testing.

  • Installed qemu, qemu-kvm (opensuse11.1 + updates) on the host opensuse11.1

  • created a test disk image on the host:

qemu-img create -f qcow2 openSUSE11.1-resize-bug 15GB

  • Copied the OpenSUSE11.1 dvd iso in to /tmp on the host.

  • Started qemu up, telling it to boot from cd. So this gets the guest going with it’s blank disk. The guest cdrom is tied to the iso file on the host. The -boot d tells it to boot from cd this go.

qemu-kvm -cpu core2duo -drive file=openSUSE11.1-resizeug -boot d -cdrom /tmp/openSUSE-11.1-DVD-x86_64.iso

  • I booted the rescue mode

  • From the rescue environment on the guest, I used parted to create a single partition on the virtual disk. The whole partition is type ntfs.

  • In to the rescue env, I copied mkfs.ntfs from actual host, and used it to create the ntfs filesystem. I used the -Q (quick) option. I did this because the rescue environment doesn’t have mkfs.ntfs.

/tmp/mkfs.ntfs -Q /dev/sda1

  • I mounted the ntfs filesystem in the rescue environment using ntfs-3g to get write support:

mkdir /tmp/1

mount -t ntfs-3g /dev/sda1 /tmp/1

  • I copied /dev/zero to some test files on /tmp/1 just to give yast stuff to move around. I used up around 1gb of space.

  • I unmounted the filesystem and rebooted.

  • So, at this moment, YaST should encounter a single disk with a single partition all ntfs for its consideration.

  • Now I booted in to the opensuse11.1 installer once again and let yast propose the scenario that involved re-sizing the ntfs filesystem to make room for linux. Then I exercised the related re-sizing/re-partitioning issues.