Factory: inkscape won't load / start / launch after moving to factory

Yesterday I moved from Tumbleweed to Factory… took a few hoops and loops to get everything going (had to get a new NVIDIA driver).
Now everything is running fine, very well EXCEPT:
Inkscape won’t start. I am using the version in the Factory repos 4.8.5. and the desktop is KDE 4.13.8
launching from the commandline gives the following:

john@linux:~> inkscape
inkscape: error while loading shared libraries: libgsl.so.0: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

I’m clueless on how to proceed and I badly need Inkscape for my work. hope someone mught be able to help

OK, I solved it myself by searching for the file through yast2
and reinstalling the scientific library as it was called. ** libgsl.so.0**

Inkscape launched perfectly after that!

I will leave this posted as it might help someone wiht the same problem