Factory Forums

Tell me if this already exists (but I couldnt find anything :stuck_out_tongue: )

How about a sub Forum for Factory Users and Testers ? I think this would be more productive and the more experienced User is not flooded or has to look through the 1000x new postings like in the standard forums .

I would thought that would be Pre-Release/Beta - openSUSE Forums

and I thought that is only for full alpha / beta releases ? correct me if I’m wrong though

What would be factory if not that?

It is pre-release next Suse, nothing else, you’ll find a post around from me. Irked at people recommending KDE4.2 to new users as it is pre-release. I know it works most of the time but pre-release it will stay till it gets released.

I can understand the confusion with so many recommendations to upgrade to 4.2 and the posts going into the other forums. That is down to the moderating team to maintain the structure. Can’t really comment why the questions for 4.2/factory aren’t being directed to said forum only speculate…