Faceswap deepfake amd problem

so ive been trying to use faceswap to make funny deepfake videos i have a ryzen cpu and an amd rx6800m dedicated GPU. my problem is that opensuse tumbleweed is not supported with the amd pro gpu driver for opencl witch is required for faceswap plaidml so that option is out and the other amd option os the ROCm support option wich is also not supported in tumbleweed what can i do to make deepfakes or get faceswap to work with my distro?

note i also tried to use kvm justto pass my gpu to windows vm but it did show up in windows but the driver would alwayse crash in the vm so idk whhat i did wrong there a tutortial i followed said i had to blacklist my dgpu and i really dont wanna do that then change it all back in terminals and with nano every f*g time i wanna play a game and or use my vm. not unless there is something im missing i have iommu or whatever it is in bios enabled i used a ueffi bios firmware in the kvm so yea and i added the audio controller and the dgpu to the kvm before booting it.

I don’t think these are specific problems of Tumbleweed? AMD GPU for deep learning is always a pain to setup and consumer gpus are not officially supported. And since you use 6800m gpu, I assume it is a laptop, and laptop gpu (probably muxless) passthrough might not work as well. You also can’t use SR-IOV for consumer AMD GPU (GPU Support - Open-IOV).

I would suggest just stick to proton/wine for graphics-heavy gaming, windows vm without gpu passthrough (install this when you need opengl: GitHub - pal1000/mesa-dist-win: Pre-built Mesa3D drivers for Windows) can be used for light gaming. If you really want windows, dual-booting (or with wsl) is much easier.

ok thanks i tried i was hoping for an easy or well at least a solution that didnt involve me hving to reboot but i just installed a copy of windows 10 to a usb drive now its portable and works fine but thanks anyway ^^