Facebook - i am done

Ok, after long debates i decided to permanently remove my account. My reason was that i don’t use it and not really have any contacts that respond to me. That doesn’t mean that i don’t have friend, but most of mine don’t use facebook.

I used this wiki to do this.
How to Permanently Delete a Facebook Account - wikiHow

Method One is the one i used.

Not sure if my content really gets deleted after the 14 days, i hope it does.
Anyway, now i am free.

I am not proposing in any way that anyone should do the same. It was just a thinking process on my part.

Peace :slight_smile:

My family and a few wacky friends on Facebook. I check it a few times a day.
I wish there was a openSUSE group on there (I don’t know there may be)

I would rather use Google Buzz but no one is on there.

You always have to do what best works for you.
This was my personal decision and i don’t regred it. Originally i thought i can hook up with old friends, but the truth (in my case) is that there was no real connection anymore and so no point for me to share anything really.
The idea is not bad, it just did not work out for me.

I only posted it for anyone who likes to pull the plug and perhaps doesn’t know how.
Like i said, not sure if any information gets deleted in reality, but i assume the best.

They say they delete the info but I trust them as far as I can throw them. The “founder” seems kind of slimy from what I have read. I only share the most minimal information and trivial matters on the site.

I did “Like” openSUSE on there though.

I would rather doubt info really gets deleted. Some NEWS program had a piece on the founder yesturday saying he was amongst the most richest men in the world. They allege that two guys hired the owner of facebook to do a website for them before he opened facebook and are currently in litigation with the owner, because his “facebook” is almost identical to what was contracted for. In the interview the owner came off qite smug and even shifty. Didn’t leave me with any sense that I’d trust him.

But techwiz03 he is from Harvard “you must trust him” LOL Why is it all these people tend to be sociopaths?

yester64 my wife can’t understand how I simply can’t relate to some of my very old friends anymore. Life moves on, things change, people do too. I have little in common with those people now. My life is ahead of me not behind me.

FlameBait wrote:
> I wish there was a openSUSE group on there (I don’t know there may be)

there are several…some more ‘official’ than others…

CAVEAT: http://is.gd/bpoMD [posted via NNTP w/openSUSE 10.3]
When it comes to chocolate, resistance is futile.

I don’t trust facebook. I keep getting invites from friends and relatives and I keep asking them to NOT do this! I don’t want facebook to even know I exist! I hope openSuse doesn’t go to facebook!

I don’t trust any company that gives you something (such as access to information) for free. There is no such thing as a free lunch! Maybe I’m paranoid, but just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t out to get you!

I approve this message. :wink:

Well, there are a couple of things where facebook does serve a purpose. Like communities or action groups. Where people go together and have a voice.
Overall, i decided to let it go since no one from people i know uses it really.
It will not matter if i quit it, facebook is a defacto standard now and every website uses its ‘like this’ button. Not sure if i trust google much more. For now i survive without it.

+1 after some thought, I think if anyone I know or deal with goes facebook, they won’t be part of my life. Even openSUSE I can live without if they go facebook. You hear about all the bad stuff posted that goes viral and cause so much grief, well if your not part of solution then your part of the problem.

If you just keep the account, hide personal info, you will be ready when your friends arrive. On a birthday party this May, none of the friends present had a Facebook account. All friends on FB now, they agree on one thing: they’re more aware of their friends’ situations.

I think this is a good argument for FB. Altough in my case i can not relate to it.
Not sure if it is a generation thing or how adapt someone is with the new possibilities. For some it works, for some it doesn’t.
Since everything is tracked, i doubt that electing a pseudo as a username will hide your information.
It is like the web. You can try to prevent cookies to track you, but in the end it is a lot of hassle.
Once you are in the web, you are exposed. You can limit it, but you can not hide really.

I have a group of friends who share a common interest. I run a mailing list. That way, nobody else knows who we are or what we’re talking about.

I suppose my host keeps backups, but I’ve been with them for about 8 years now, and have not had any “leaks”.

Don’t see any advantage to facebook. I simply ignore those Like buttons.


I use Facebook only because a number of friends and acquaintances use Facebook and this is the easiest means to keep in touch with them, or with what is going on.

I really dont’ use it much. I use Kopete (or Empathy) to connect to the Facebook chat so I can see who is on and chat with them in a more comfortable fashion than the stupid little chat box they have at the bottom of the page. So I am rarely in the actual pages.