Facebook Games (Flash)

I started a thread here and now realise that other people are having similar issues, and might not find that thread under its current title:

Adobe Flash in Firefox - openSUSE Forums

I have rather sadly taken to playing a game on facebook which runs with flash player in firefox.
I was tinkering with conky and was shocked to find that when I have this wee game running in a tab my cpu use is at 75%…
I close this tab, leaving all 15 or so others open, as well as whatever else processes are running, and the machine settles to about 5%- 6% CPU.
I know that Adobe specialise in obscenley obese bloatware, but this can’t be right surely?
I updated flash from adobe’s site to the latest version, but no change…

The Game is Farmville by Zynga, it is a flash app running inside Facebook.
I have posted about this issue on a social forum where I know others play the same game using different computer set-ups, mainly , of curse Windoze, and they report that they too suffer enormous CPU drain when it is running.
I find it shocking that a software house like Adobe allow such a badly implemented app to be out in the wild, and that Facebook, which has hundreds of millions of users worldwide, would allow such a shabby app to run on it’s platform and under its name.

update (maybe in a different thread).

problem playing zynga texas holdem through facebook/myspace. tried seamonkey browser, works fine. not sure why it wouldn’t work using firefox, because i installed the latest adobe (as listed thru Yast). Maybe i’ll let it be an unanswered question for now and get used to using seamonkey (pretty much identical to firefox anyway…mozilla made).

so, for the person starting this thread and unable to play the game he listed, try seamonkey…worked for me

Their are many application now on facebook that you will truly love and enjoy. One of it is FARM TOWN. Many loves this game.

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