F-Spot crashes

well, i don’t have any data’s right now to it, but the app crashes during importing.
For a long while i disregarded fspot because it is kinda slow (importing!).
But it is the only app i know that displays all images in one place without having to enter any folder to see the images.
So i will give it a try again.

I read something about beagle (what does that do?) and that that might cause a problem.
Does anyone had had a problem with it and also has a large (very large) image collection?

Tomorrow i will post the data stream to reconstruct whats going on.

version?? OS and application???

Shotwell ](http://yorba.org/shotwell/)is gaining some traction as an F-Spot replacement. I haven’t tried it yet, but it may be worth looking into.

I assume you are looking at on the Gnome desktop.

yes, it is the gnome desktop. How did you know? :wink:

Well, i have the current Suse version 11.2 i think and it the fspot that came with it, which should be
If i check the terminal, i see that it read every image in and save from time to time.
It takes forever. curse you fspot >:)

I have it running now for a 2 hours and it scanned so far about 12000 images in, remaining 160000. Don’t ask me why so many, thats just how many i have. Wallpapers and personal pictures etc…

Shotwell rings a bell. That is not in the database i think. I will take a look. If fspot makes an error, i will post it.

As far as hardware goes, i have an E8500 cpu (dualcore) with 4gb ram and gigabyte motherboard. Not sure if that matters.

I’ve been fooling around with Shotwell, and it isn’t bad, just kinda basic for navigating. It’s kinda a gThumbs pumped up, or somewhere between gThumbs and F-Spot.

The only thing I wish F-Spot or Shotwell would/could do is monitor selected folders even over the network.

I put all of the digital pictures on the server and I don’t want to have to copy all of them to my local desktop, I want them to stay where they are! I’d love it to automatically load whatever pictures I add to the folder too.

So far, only Picasa has managed to do that.

actually, i switched to shotwell now.
F-Spot is to slow and thats even when viewing. I am not sure why they never uncluttered the app.
It does have nice features but on my system its to slow.
So now i am using Shotwell and its way faster, with less features, but still has all the basics i need.
As far as the crash goes, i wasn’t able to reproduce the error.
But i import now only by folder and not subfolders. There might be a file that caused the problem.