F-Spot "Could not lock decive error in GNOME

Both F-Spot and digiKam return the same results in GNOME when trying to connect to my Canan A590IS camera. Under KDE4 they both work just fine. When I plug in the camera under GNOME it comes up on the desktop and I can view the camera contents Nautilius. I am running SUSE11.1 and have tried reinstalling the software with no luck. I really want to use GNOME is there any help? BTW:Novice suse user…

Return the same results, but what? You can’t connect/browse them?

Thanks for taking the time to reply. I resolved the problem. When I plug the camera in GNOME mounts it as a USB device so the simple solution is to unmount the camara and then all works fine. This is a GNOME issue since all camara software does the samt thing. Can’t mount the same device twice, should have realized that. Now it would be nice to figure a way to keep the system from mounting a camera, got to look into that, easy enough in KDE - any help there?

I get the same problem with my Canon A510. I can browse the cameras folders and images using Nautilus but I can’t get F-Spot to read the device. The error message is:
“Error connecting to camera
Received error “Could not lock the device” while connecting to the camera”
So I close F-Spot, end my Nautilus session which leaves me with the “Canon, Inc. PowerShot A510(normal mode) / PowerShot A510 (PTP mode)” icon on the desktop. Can someone explain to me how to use F-Spot to access the images on the camera?