extremely slow display (11.2 & ATI mobility radeon)


I’ve just installed 11.2 over 10.3 (I kept my old /home). Any displaying is now very slow (both in Gnome & Xfce): e.g. if I bring up a hidden window to front, it takes up to several seconds for its content to show. Even scrolling text in a terminal is darn slow, and Xorg jumps to ~100% cpu usage then.

Possibly relevant differences between my previous system and the new one:

  • my 10.3 was 32-bit, the new 11.2 is 64-bit.
  • under 10.3 I had the ATI driver installed, but my video card is now legacy and the driver is not compatible with the current version of Xorg.
  • under 10.3 I had a xorg.conf file.

From another thread the OP was asked to run: lspci -k
Here it gives:
01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc M64-S [Mobility Radeon X2300]
Subsystem: Hewlett-Packard Company 6910p
with no “Kernel driver in use:” line!

Any help is appreciated.

Hi Guys,

I have exactly the same issue. Compaq 6910p with a mob radeon x2300, any kind of display is slow like hell. I tried with KDE, both 64 and 32 bit (later one using live CD), with the same result.

Any help would be appreciated…

Thanks in advance,

Have you tried the proprietary ATI catalyst driver? Version 9.11 was release and it works nicely for me (though watching video (wmv, mpeg, avi) with compositing on is a bit dodgy)

Hunt through the forums/old news for suggestions as to how to get it to install, as there is a patch that needs to be supplied


My laptop also has ATi Radeon and I had same problem I believe. Check out my thread and reoslution here > OpenSuSe 11.2 didnt install video drivers - openSUSE Forums

Dont install any ATi packages at initial stage. Follow the Radeon Suse link and try it should work. :slight_smile:

My laptop has Ati Radeon x1300 graphics. I ran sax2. It then created xorg.conf , I simply renamed radeonhd to radeon in xorg.conf as per tutorial and loggged off and logged in back. It worked!!!