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Good morning,
As my kid had a taste of OpenSuse over the last few days, he decided to jump from Ubuntu and installed Tumbleweed. Now, after furious minutes which followed switch from apt to zypper, he discovered that MIT scratch is only available as a Flatpak on Discovery store.
We have found extra repository called Education which actually has scratch on it.


Is there a list somewhere, of extra repositories that we can add, to expand availability of binaries, as Discovery has very limited library in comparison to other distros at least out of the box.
Many thanks

https://download.opensuse.org/repositories/ is a sort of “list”. If you know the name of the software you’re looking for we have a command line utility that can both locate and setup the required repo for you, which is less troublesome than software.opensuse.org, called opi:

# zypper info opi
Information for package opi:
Repository     : OSS
Name           : opi
Version        : 2.17.0-bp155.1.5
Arch           : noarch
Vendor         : openSUSE
Installed Size : 126.6 KiB
Installed      : Yes
Status         : up-to-date
Source package : opi-2.17.0-bp155.1.5.src
Upstream URL   : https://github.com/openSUSE/opi
Summary        : OBS Package Installer (CLI)
Description    :
    OBS Package Installer (CLI)

No. Just like there is no comprehensive list of PPA available for Ubuntu. You can use search on https://build.opensuse.org/ (which will search for the source package names or projects) or on https://software.opensuse.org/ (which will search for binary package names).

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Hmm, opi does not seem to work that well, I think it looks only in repositories that are already added.

zuse@hp-z8:~> opi query scratch
No package found.

I know “scratch” is in “education” repo so it seem that it doesn’t look in there.

> opi scratch
1. scratch
2. perl-Directory-Scratch
3. texlive-scratch
4. texlive-scratchx
5. texlive-scratch3
6. scratch-debuginfo
7. texlive-scratch-doc
8. texlive-scratchx-doc
9. texlive-scratch3-doc
Pick a number (0 to quit): 1
You have selected package name: scratch
1. Education ?                               | 1.4.0                     | x86_64
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opi -h

or even just


gives you a syntax explanation.

usage: opi [-h] [-v] [query [query ...]]

Such an explanation is a language on it’s own. It shows you how you can compose the, white space separated, arguments.

First comes the fixed text opi.
Then the [] means that these fields are optional, you may use them (in the sequence shown), but you do not need so.
Thus you may or may not then type -h.
And then type or not -v.
And then type zero or more times a query.

And query is:

positional arguments:
  query          can be any package name or part of it and will be searched
                 for both at the openSUSE Build Service and Packman.
                 If multiple query arguments are provided only results
                 matching all of them are returned.

A “positional” argument is one of which the meaning is defined by the place it has in the command (in this case at the end). So no name to define that a value follows.

Thus you do NOT type the text query (except when you want to search for a software of that name), but you type one or more ‘names’ of software your want opi to query for.

Se the example of @mrmazda .

You should try flatpak… I use it on my TW desktop for certain programs that are newer versions than whats in the TW repos.

Awesome, thanks it worked now!

I have nothing against Flatpak, I’m just trying to teach my kid to use terminal for everything.
Actually including Flatpak from CLI. He used Ubuntu for nearly a year, and we decided to switch him to Opensuse, initially Tumbleweed but this afternoon he settled for Leap 15.5.
He thought I’ll get angry that he re-installs OS five times a day, but practice makes perfect, and I just watch proudly from behind.
He is only 10 and at his age, I had access only once a week to ZX Spectrum+, so it makes me happy that he has more opportunity than I had.
Thanks all for help.

That’s cool … might be good to introduce him to using a virtual machine for his “install 5 times a day” exercises :+1:

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