External sound device does not work

I have a System76 Lemur Ultra Thin (lemu4) notebook PC and I am using OpenSuSE 64 bit Tumbleweed. Now, before you suggest that I take this to the Tumblweed sub-forum, hear me out. I have a Resolution Audio Opus 21 high fidelity audio system and a Ray Samuels Audio Emmeline HR-2 headphone amplifier along with Grado SR-60i and Sennheiser HD-650 headphones. The RA Opus 21 has a USB 2.0 port and I have a 10’ long USB 2.0 cable connected to my System76 Lemur Ultra Thin (lemu4) notebook PC. When I plug it in, I get a signal lock which means that it is connected. I see my audio device in my KDE and GNOME. However, it never outputs audio from my music library or the Internet through my headphones.

Why is this happening?

How do I fix this problem so that I can plug in my USB 2.0 cable and my headphones and it will play audio?

I went into YaST 2 and I deleted my Intel HD sound card and I added my RA Opus 21 with a quick configuration. I saved my settings and I tested my headphones. It works. I can listen to audio and music through my high fidelity audio system at home.

But why did youi delete the other card from the configuration? Except when you plan not to use it anymore of course.

But you can have more cards configured. And you can select in YaST which one you want to use as the prefered one.

And then again, in KDE you can set for a lot of different cases, which one to use for which (error music, video, …).

I deleted both the RA Opus 21 PCM2902 and Intel HD sound devices and I added them using the quick configuration. Now, I am able to select the sound device that I want to use and it works. Solved!

Congratulations. Much better when you can use the one you want for the purpose you want.
And thanks for reporting back.

I agree with you, we have to hear you out, your question is about multimedia and the tumbleweed forum looks like a general forum on anything tumbleweed
and people who are good in multimedia but not using tumbleweed might not notice it.:slight_smile:

Thanks for posting back the workaround it will certainly help those who might have encounter this issue.