External monitor not working

Hi everyone.

I installed Tumbleweed (KDE) on my laptop (Intel integrated + Nvidia RTX 4080). I usually need to install the Nvidia drivers, so I went with a sudo zypper install zypper install openSUSE-repos-NVIDIA and sudo zypper install nvidia-drivers-G06.

Seems that it worked, so I restarted my machine, but the system doesn’t want to detect my DP external monitor that usually works on debian-based OSs.

Also, seems that the UI that would let me select which monitor to use keeps on appearing even if I select “none”. I can only fix it by unplugging the DP cable.

Any suggestions? :slight_smile:

@shishimaru Seems to be a common issue at the moment, have a read here https://forums.opensuse.org/t/gpu-drivers-didnt-seem-to-work-rtx-4070/174461 and see if this thread and the embedded link help.

I think it might be related to KDE 6 at this point.

The monitor works if I enable manually the Nvidia driver (which is weird, it should be automatic), but at this point I still cannot choose which display to use and how to use it.

edit: I can switch display by using the panel’s icon. Win+P only shows the UI without actually working. Same goes with the KDE scaling, doesn’t work after setting 125%.


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