External monitor and mouse issues when docking laptop

I’ve recently installed 11.2 and find that today docking the laptop for the first time doesn’t automatically enable the external monitor. I was expecting the external monitor to be enabled and the laptop screen to be disabled as the lid is closed anyway, i.e. the video to be switched to the external monitor when docked. Conversely, undocking the laptop doesn’t switch the screen back to the laptop from the external monitor.

Also, when booting the laptop while docked, the external monitor starts up but in the wrong resolution. It comes up in the laptops screens resolution of 1024x768 instead of 1280x1024. The laptop’s monitor is also not disabled.

The external mouse doesn’t work either, well to be more accurate the cursor is invisible. When I try to check the settings in system settings I see the following. Saying permissions aren’t correct.
How can I fix that? I don’t want to have to switch to root each time I dock / undock.

I’d appreciate if someone can offer some help with my external monitor woes. The settings are not being remembered after log out or reboot and I’m not sure if I’m missing something.

When I dock my laptop the external monitor is always set to the same resolution (1024x768) as the laptop screen when it should be set to monitor’s native resolution of 1280x1024. In the display settings the external monitor (VGA) even has “1224x1024 Auto” in the resolution list so I’d expect that to be the default. Am I missing something with the way this is supposed to work?

I would at least expect the setting to be remembered once set.

I have resisted using sax2 as I figured if it was removed as the default way of setting displays then the devs must have been confident that the new auto system should work.

I tried creating docked and undocked profiles with the SCMP profile manager but that doesn’t help either.

If I resort to using sax2 can I undo the changes it makes if they don’t work? Is it just a case of deleting the xorg.conf file?

As for the disappearing mouse cursor after making resolution changes, this appears to be a bug and has already been reported.

OK, another update.

I resorted to sax2. Basically I just started it and accepted the settings it already had which were correct.

This morning when I docked my laptop the external monitor started up with the correct resolution and the mouse worked.

It seems the new automatic system of setting the monitors still needs some work as it clearly doesn’t work properly.

I’ve just installed 11.2 on an old notebook with Intel 915 graphic card.

Can’t figure out how to set the output to external monitor only. With “Configure Desktop” and Sax2 I’ve managed to clone notebook display but I don’t need a clone, just output to the monitor.

From this page I figured such option should be supported in current versions but maybe I’m too optimistic.

Laptops and external VGA - openSUSE

Assuming you’re using KDE4, go to systemsettings>display settings. I you should see both the internal and external monitors listed. Just disable the laptop monitor by setting the size to disabled.

Yes, sorry, KDE4.

Initially it worked surpisingly well, but on the restart with VGA plugged in it reverted to clone mode with very very small fonts both on laptop dispay and external monitor.

So far the only way to get it back is to restart, simple logout doesn’t help - fonts stay small even if VGA is disconnected.

I’ve seen this situation many times when I was fiddling with Sax2, I think it’s Vesa driver mentioned in Sax that causes it.

Setting external monitor via Configure Desktop/Display after restart sets all the fonts and resolutions just fine.

Is it a problem with Sax getting in the way when the system detects VGA after restart? How to solve it then?

I’m sorry I can’t be of much more help as I’m pretty inexperienced with Linux. I noticed you say you are using a Vesa driver. Is there any reason for this? I’ve read that the Vesa driver can be problematic.

What are the resolutions you’re trying to achieve on the external monitor and what is it’s native resolution? What is the laptop’s native resolution?

With my laptop docked my external display is set to 1280x1024 (auto) and my laptop to 1024x768 (auto) in display settings. My LVDS says it’s cloned. My fonts appear correctly on both screens.

Perhaps try renaming the xorg.conf file and running sax2 again. I’d also try selecting your monitor from the vendor list rather than using the generic vesa driver if possible.

Post the content of your xorg.conf. Maybe someone with more experience may be able spot something odd in it.

I’ve learned something new: Novell stopped supporting Sax2, it’s still included in OpenSuse 11.2 but it’s not part of Yast and display properties are set via mysterious “Configure Desktop”.

Part of the reason is that Sax2 works with “static” xorg.config, it wouldn’t know what to do if you plug in monitor, it has to be reset manually.

Configure Desktop, on the other hand, recognises the new device and gives a popup asking me to configure it. It works fine if I plug in VGA after the system is up and running, but if I restart it with VGA already connected, the system comes up in dual monitor mode with really really small fonts while xorg.config, created by Sax2, stays exactly the same.

It appears “Configure Desktop” tries to set drivers, resolutions and fonts on its own and fails. I don’t know what defaults it uses and where I can change them, that is still a mystery to me.

Any clues would be appreciated.

Configure desktop and it’s auto settings didn’t work properly for me either which is why I used sax2. With configure desktop my external screen would always start up with the wrong resolution (1024x768 instead of 1280x1024). I got fed up with having to keep changing the resolution after starting up so resorted to sax2 which has fixed it for me.

On the other hand when I plug a projector in then the auto config works fine. Weird and frustrating really. Hopefully it’ll improve with 11.3. The best thing is to report these as bugs so they can be worked on and hopefully fixed.