External http access problem net::ERR_CONTENT_LENGTH_MISMATCH 200 (OK)

New installation of Leap with apache2
localhost access to web pages works fine

http access from other machines on intranet works fine if html file has a length 255 or less

so http://192…/index.html works if html is


But if you make index.html have enough characters so length is over 255 it fails to open
Chrome developer tools net::ERR_CONTENT_LENGTH_MISMATCH 200 (OK)

access.log on server shows request and status 200 and length even for longer files

I turned off the firewall to eliminate that

Thanks for any help

Hi, welcome to these forums

How did you setup apache? I’ve never seen this before.

Please confirm that your /index.html contains properly formatted HTML and is not just plain text, e.g. “HOME”.

Some possible causes listed in the following


Bottom line,
How did you install and deploy this webserver and website?
Did you install from openSUSE packages?
Did you configure using the YaST > HTTP server module?
Does your page load any special libraries or is it s very basic HTML page?


Installed from OPENSUSE packages
did configure HTTP module
no special libraries

web pages work on other servers

I am going to reinstall LEAP and see if it re occurs