External HD?....

Well, I converted my Window Server to openSuse, but I was reluctant to convert the external drive just in case I wanted to go back to Windows (this was in the beginning, but have to desire too now).

My XHD has a long file name with spaces “Server Data Files” and I had a problem when I did a system backup to this drive to save the .tar in a subfolder, but it save it in the /media folder as “Server” with no .tar. I put the .tar and was able to read it just fine.

My question is, 1) how to I change the XHD name, 2) is it worth keeping this format or 3) just reformat it in Ext3 and, 3) But I want it as a secondary drive for server backups. I don’t want it part of the whole file system.

Is #4 possible to do?