External HD seen but not accesible after install

So what could be wrong; I can’t remember the before so from scratch:

the driver ntfs-3g and some libraries must be installed. So what’s the output in a console from these two commands commands:

  1. rpm -qa ntfs-3g
  2. rpm -qa fuse

The drive shouldn’t be concurrently mounted via fstab. So

  1. what’s the designation of the drive that mounts, like sdc1 or something like that
  2. what’s the output of this command


cat /etc/fstab

I wonder if the command “sudo ln -s /sbin/mount.ntfs-3g /sbin/mount.ntfs” created a link. What’s the output from this command:

ls -l /sbin mou*

And finally, what version of Suse are we talking about?

All that might help to sort it out.