external HD now requries root password to open

Hello I was just looking at the yast’s expert partition editor (I didn’t make any changes) now everytime I plug my external HD in I’m required to enter a root password to access it…any ideas on why this would of happened and how to fix it. Thanks

how it happened i don’t know–have you taken a look at the contents of
the HD, or connected/unconnected it while logged into the DE as root…

but maybe if you attach the external HD, then in a non-root terminal do

cat /etc/fstab

and copy/paste it here…maybe someone can help…

oh…and, once mounted see what it says (in koqueror/nautilus/dolpin i
don’t know because you didn’t say what DE you use) about ownership and
permissions on that drive…we could do that with ls in a terminal but
i don’t know where HAL mounts stuff like that…

seeding 11.2 DVD (64) and GNOME Live CD (32 & 64)

HAL always mounts inside /media. Hardcoded/not configurable >:)

> HAL always mounts inside -/media-. Hardcoded/not configurable >:)

good to know (except the hard coded part…that is dumb)…we will see
if i remember it tomorrow. :frowning:

seeding 11.2 DVD (64) and GNOME Live CD (32 & 64)

Ther are more dumb things here because HAL is not designed with a multi user system like Linux in mind. We had a discussion on a thread here from which I remember the following:

A logs in, does some work and locks the screen. His wife B comes, uses the “Change user” function of the unlock-screen, and logs in. She walks away and daughter C comes in with a CD she wants to look at. She is a nice girl and uses the “change user” function of Kicker to login herself. Then she puts the CD in the drive… Nothing seems to happen. But you did allready have some idea I guess. In which of the three sessions does the KDE window “What do you want to do with the CD” window pop up? It is HAL that decides who is the lucky one.

For the Linux beginner this is mentioned in short at: SDB:Basics of partitions, filesystems, mount points - openSUSE

hcvv wrote:
> HAL is not designed with a multi user system like Linux in mind.

same kinda thing happened when Redmond Ship Jumpers started
programming for OS/2 Warp…you could immediately see they had no idea
how to program a multi-tasking, multi-threaded system…oh boy their
programs threw up the old hour-glass a lot (remember, it was the MS to
say to the user: Hey, i’m busy doing ONE thing at a time, in series.
YOU can wait!")


down up hours iso
692M 1.06G 30 11.2 GNOME LiveCD (64)
693M 748M 34 11.2 GNOME LiveCD (32)
4.33G 4.34G 42 11.2 DVD

Sorry just got back today…but first off whats DE mean? and a simple unplugging the HD and rebooting the system seems to have fixed it…though I don’t know if this would have anything to do with it but I might of unplugged the HD with the expert partitioner still open, then plugged it back in…I can’t remember

DE means Desktop Environment. It is the complete Graphical interfaced you are looking at with all its possibilitiesto have panels, wallpaers, menus, lots of integrated progams, etc. There are mAny of them, mostly used here are KDE and Gnome.

And as your problem is gone away and you can not reconstruct it, we will leave it at that. When it returns, we will happy to try to help you again.