External HD mountpoint

alright I know I’ve asked this question somewhere before but I can’t remember the solution…so here it is…my system keeps creating new mount points for my external harddrive (I’m at media/disk-2) so how do I get the hard drive back to the mount point media/disk? I remember the solution being a pretty easy one just can’t remember…something involving deleting one of the mount point folders in the root directory I think. Thanks

You could

a) Search for your own posts (which is quite easy when clicking on your own nickname you see with every post)

b) search for “disklabels”, which is the easy solution.

If the external drive has a volume label this shouldn’t happen.

I’ve searched my own posts already with no luck…(I think it was more of an after though to another question) and I don’t remember which forum I posted the question on so that certainly doesn’t help…like I’ve said it was a very easy solution just can’t remember what it is.

Then it’s b) or what caf4926 said (which is a synonym for disklabels).

Some basics: SDB:Basics of partitions, filesystems, mount points - openSUSE

ah ok I found the post it was oddly enough you,caf4926 that helped me out with this the first time around. I haven’t had a chance to read the literature that hcw supplied me about disk labels but I’m definitely going to look into it… this whole bit is really turning into a pain in the ass…also caf4926,this is a totally unrelated question but I was watching mad men the other day and Lance mentioned that it’s a total myth “brought up by the charles dickens and the industrial era an such” that London was foggy now is this true or is London in fact, very foggy?

It wasn’t fog, during the industial revolution some parts of London had problems with heavy pollution - smog. Not very nice at all. It does look very good in movies, especially Sherlock Holmes ones. I guess that’s why people think it’s foggy - all the best London films have fog in them…

I think Japan is currently struggling with this in their major cities.

No, London isn’t particularly foggy, no more than anywhere else is.

Totally correct. Smog!

That’s just the film directors being charitable. You wouldn’t want to show London in its full horror.