External Hard-Drive

For some reason when I first turn my PC on and I start up Rhythmbox I have to physically go to Dolphin and select my external before Rhythmbox recognises any music. It’s like I have to remind Rhythmbox where it is, is this normal?

I have never used an external device this way before, (only ever as store and backup). Is the drive already shown as mounted in dolphin?

Could it be your external drive is only mounted AFTER you select it in dolphin?

I have the same issue with my iPod. Amarok, Banshee, and Songbird will not see the iPod until I open it in Dolphin.

I believe you will need to setup a custom mountpoint in your fstab. By caf’s suggesstion here: Amarok Collection Problem - openSUSE Forums I mounted my external WDD to my media folder. I just haven’t done it with my iPod yet. I will let you know later this evening if that works.

Cheers that would be great.

I noticed when I had the external plugged in at a front USB then I had this problem (when I was using Ubunut) I then plugged it into a rear USB port and the problem went away. Doesn’t seem to be the same with SUSE.

You don’t use fstab for USB drives. So forget that ref

Sometimes front USB can work differently. I’m not sure there is a simple solution when using external drive - particularly it seem also in kde4

could be right, how do I make it mount at boot u and for my media player to remember where it is.

The media player settings let you set the collection location/s

Have you done this?

Of course :slight_smile:

Try something please. Open dolphin and have it open navigating your external drive in question.
Now leave it like that and reboot.

When you login, is dolphin automatically open at the place you left off?

No it goes to the Root and it says that the folder where my music is kept cannot be found

For now - it looks like you need to start dolphin at login. Someone else more knowledgeable may reply of course.

Ah, oh well, I am sure I will survive. Cheers.

I have something very similar: I use an external USB HD for daily automated backups (Back in Time), as well as for other odds and ends. It’s always plugged in and never removed, and duly appears in Dolphin as mounted. But sometimes when I click to open a folder on it, I get an error message, but it works on the second click. Every so often, the automated backup will return a timeout error and abort the backup, but not consistently (hasn’t happened for a week now). Hardly life-threatening but a nuisance. KDE 4.3.