External Dvd-Rw

Hello. I have to buy an external (usb) dvd-rw for my Linux . Do you know anything that is supported by latest opensuse?
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I have a Lite-On model DX-8A1H which has lightscribe as well. Works
fine for burning, reading etc on my ASUS netbook running openSUSE

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Thanks for your feedback. Does it require an external power adaptor or the usb connection suffices?
One more thing. Have you ever used for playing movies? I want to use it for movie watching.
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A couple of days ago, a friend of mine bought a Samsung External DVD Writer Model SE-S084. It is a very sleek and slim one and powered via USB. It worked fine in openSUSE 11.2

Could you please ask your friend to check to see how a movie is played in to it? Does it require two usb drives or an external power source?

I haven’t checked with him about movie. (He is travelling).

I checked it on my laptop. It worked with both 1 and/or 2 USB ports. No external power was needed.

This one needs the power adaptor esp if doing lightscribe. I’ve played
DVD’s on it as well all with power. I’m not sure if an adapter to
connect two USB ports would power it

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Thanks a lot guys for your useful feedback!

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