external dvd player, trying to get Kaffeine to see the DVD

i would like for my external dvd to mount in /dev/dvd because i think kaffeine is looking there for the dvd material.
is there a way to mount the entire drive to /dev/dvd?

here is the applications>multimedia thread.

Since /dev/dvd is specified in kaffeine, there should be no need to do any special mounting. It should “just work” after the DVD is inserted into the DVD drive. It does on my openSUSE-10.3 and 11.0 PCs (both with KDE3).

not exactly.
it mounts to /media/(dvd name).
in fact there was not even a directory /dev/dvd until i manually created it.

I have been successful using k3b to make an .iso file. then mounting that file to /dev/dvd, i can play the dvd perfect.

if this is the way I have to do it given the circumstances, fine. now i will need to determine how to make it simple enough that my technophobic wife can handle it as she usually does this when i am not around.
is there a way to automate the .iso creation and mounting?
ideally it would be something i could create as an icon called “prepareDVD” and another called “mountDVD” after the ISO creation has occured more than once the mountDVD will have to have some way of selecting the location.

please advise.

This suggests to me you had installation problems.

I’ve installed openSUSE on many PCs, and in all cases /dev/dvd was “just there” and did not require my manual creation.

maybe that is a problem. i dont really want to reinstall at this point.

i have to manually create that directory everytime. it doesnt seem to stay put.

any idea why this would be?