Extending zypp download transfer timeout problems

I need to increase the timeout for a package transfer when performing a dist-upgrade using zypper. I’ve tried changing the download.transfer_timeout field in the /etc/zypp/zypp.conf config file but setting it to 1 minute or 2 hours doesn’t seem to have any effect, the transfer will always timeout after an hour.

In the zypper.log I see the following:
2017-11-29 03:00:36 <3> VideoEdge(3318) [zypp] MediaCurl.cc(doGetFileCopyFile):1563 curl error: 28: Operation timed out after 3599809 milliseconds with 183398400 out of 365071743 bytes received, temp file size 183398400 bytes.

Is there a different config file I need to change or something I need to do for the changes I’ve made to take effect?

Zypper version: zypper 1.13.39

You should take a look at what the upgrade was doing prior to the timeout.

On a couple of my machines,
I found the upgrade failed immediately after networking was upgraded, breaking networking due to the possibly now infamous problem with Network Manager.

If that is your problem as well, no timeout value is going to address the broken networking, but you only need to reboot and run the online upgrade again to continue and complete the upgrade.


The reason for the transfer failure is a low bandwidth network, which we’ve deliberately set up to test our product. We know why the transfer fails, we just want to increase the timeout for robustness. Thanks.