Extending root-partition and backuping?


My root partition /dev/sda9 is about 8gb for some reason and now it’s almost full. I would like to install more programs and stuff but I can’t, and also I can’t open stuff with firefox because it says there is not enough free space in /tmp. Of course I could always remove some programs and so on, but it would take the burden off if there just was more space… it bugs me to remove not-so-often-used programs and install them back when i need them and remove some more to get them installed…

So, of course I first tried qtparted and gparted with knoppix bootable live cd (I know that much that I can’t resize mounted partitions on mi suse). Qtparted didn’t allow me to resize at all (resize-option greyed out). Gparted let me resize but only make it smaller. I have about 40 gigs unallocated free space but how in the world I get that 40 gigs to root-partition?

Google is my friend but he couldn’t help me in this situation. Found some random stuff, but no luck. I’m just not so experienced with partitions…

My filesystem is ext3 and my distro is openSUSE 11.0, on gnome.

Also I think it would be good to backup root, and in fact I would like to backup whole linux. Which is the easiest way to do backup or disk-image or something?

Can somebody help me please? Thank you in advance!

Sorry, /dev/sdb8 is root.

Laite Käynn     Alku          Loppu    Lohkot   Id  Järjestelmä
/dev/sdb2            5223       17811   101121142+   7  HPFS/NTFS
/dev/sdb3           17812       30401   101129175    5  Laajennettu
/dev/sdb5           17812       26734    71673966    7  HPFS/NTFS
/dev/sdb6           30185       30401     1743021   82  Linux-sivutus / Solaris
/dev/sdb7   *       26735       28114    11084818+  83  Linux
/dev/sdb8           28115       29041     7446096   83  Linux
/dev/sdb9           29042       30184     9181116   83  Linux

From suse, give us the su terminal result of

fdisk -l

**(You just did!!!)edit
Yast Partitioner may allow what you want.

*N.B. You can set /tmp files to be deleted at boot in Sysconfig editor

or just manually delete what you can

Okay, my friend helped me a bit. He told me simple “solution” to my case.

  1. Create partition /dev/sdb1 and mount it to /mnt/usr
  2. Copy root’s /usr to created partition sdb1,
  3. umount /dev/sdb1
  4. mount /dev/sdb1 /usr and see that everything works fine.
  5. umount /dev/sdb1, rm -rf /usr/* (make sure /usr is really copied successfully to new partition!!)
  6. edit fstab and make it mount automaticly

Seems to work fine for now. then my another question: what’s the best way to backup whole system?

Backup is not something I ascribe to and neither is it just as simple as it sounds.
All I do is backup user data from /home

for me
is formatted always. Remember there is 6 - 9 months between releases. And I re-install at each. It’s just a matter of re-installing your applications, takes about an hour.

I have come across some users using clonezilla.