Extending BTFRS in AEON with second NVME

since btfrs is really new to me asking help to achieve the correct method without possible borked system.

what i am trying to achieve is extending aeon btfrs volume to adding second nvme to system so i have everything on home and enough space for everyhting. Is this even possible and if so how i can achieve it as safe as possible. i can mount the second nvme, but it is basically “hidden” and i am so used to use home on everything as simplicity so extending the first nvme for second one would be so awsome

Technically it is simple:

btrfs device add /dev/your-second-NVMe-device /

This will keep the current metadata and data profiles which are likely single, meaning you do not get any redundancy and if any of the two devices fails you lose access to the complete filesystem.

It certainly makes sense to rebuild initrd after doing this and if you are using grub2, also reinstall it (just to be sure it is aware of the second device).

transactional-update initrd bootloader

That said, as long as it is not offered by the installer it is probably untested and unsupported, so you should be prepared to troubleshoot and fix fallouts if any.

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@arvidjaar is the rebuild command applicable for systemd-boot which is what Aeon uses?

thank you seems simple, but bash: btrfs: command not found any suggestion

You need to elevate privileges.

i.e. sudo btrfs

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that seemed easy when got what needed to go

tho needed to add some arguments not just one argument and found this quick guide and it is all now working

sudo btrfs device add /dev/sdX /mnt


sudo btrfs device usage /mnt


sudo df -h

Balance (physical disk’s 2+ only. makes no sense for one):

sudo btrfs filesystem balance /mnt

this one i didint quite understand how it works and it somehow needs more arguments gave me error and help screen when running


sudo btrfs device usage /mnt

and here it shows now 2TB as should

thank you for all helping me to learn suse and btrfs and so much more

yeah this is what i am waiting do i need to run it or am i safe to go and reboot atleast it shows now all done

figured this one too it was written wrong and had to point how balance is done so i used
sudo btrfs filesystem balance /mnt

btrfs IS built on BEETREEs (binary trees) For optimum speed they need to be balanced.

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