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It does not expose my location correct?

The suggestion to start a new thread was made because the other one is old, not about a present supported openSUSE version, most of those that participated there are not active any more, etc. etc.

The idea then is that you describe your problem fresh, with fresh evidence from the (hopefully supported) openSUSE version you are running. This to make it more easy to understand your problem, without having to consult old material, for your fellow openSUSE users here on the forums.

So please make it easier for them to help you and describe your problem. And remind that good problem descriptions roughly contains three points:

  • what did you do;
  • what happened;
  • what did you expect to happen.
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My concern is this connection exposing my locations as mention in some location services added to some linux destro’s like RHEL saying:

So if this does, I would like to disable it?

Simply read what the dialogue says, and you should see it is not a concern:

@nasheayahu Edit /etc/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.conf


## uri=http://conncheck.opensuse.org

Bear in mind it’s nothing to do with location services…

This section controls NetworkManager’s optional connectivity checking functionality. This allows NetworkManager to detect whether or not the system can actually access the internet or whether it is behind a captive portal.