Extend Desktop to an external monitor

Hello All,

I was unsure whether to post this here or in the laptop section.
My problem is that I want to extend the desktop on my laptop to a monitor so that I can use BOTH the monitor and my laptop screen. But I don’t see where to do this.

I am running openSUSE 11.4 64-bit.

Can someone kindly point me in the right direction?




I personally use the software that came along with the proprietary Nvidia driver. It can also be configured under Configure Desktop -> Display and Monitor, but in my case those options are only available when I use the Nvidia-settings software to set up dual monitor first.

Hope that was of any help.

(Note: I haven’t figured yet out how to save a dual monitor set up to be automatically used after a reboot)

I have tried running the nvidia-settings, but it tells me that I need to run nvidia-xconfig. When I try to run that it does not appear to be found. I have searched the repositories (default & packman) and it is not there. How do I get nvidia-xconfig?



craigbert, what video driver are you using ?

Are you using gnome or KDE

In Gnome just click on the half yellow half black monitor screen on the panel and choose “configure display settings” or go to Computer > Control Center and choose monitors under hardware